Culinary French

This culinary French dictionary A-Z app has been specifically made for you, to enjoy even more your visits to restaurants, cafés, wine bars and food markets in France.

. Easy-to-use.
. Extensive word list A-Z, with explanation of typical French specialities.
. Cheese and Wine list and terminology.
. Practical search function F-E, E-F.
. History button: overview of earlier searches.
. Sample texts and expressions of restaurant-talk.
. Pronunciation at one touch by native speaker.
. Terms Menu explained.
. Food-associated French proverbs.

This very handy app offers more than 3000 gastronomically related words, sentences, expressions, wine terminology, definitions of typical French specialities, a big selection of cheeses, as well as a choice of food-associated French proverbs.

When using our sample texts, you will be able to book in advance a nice table, while at the table you can read the menu and in a snap, find the culinary words or wine terms, which allows you to order the food and drinks you wish for.

We also have opted to include a number of practical expressions. And when you touch these, you will hear what they sound in true French.

Indispensable for anyone who likes good food.

And of course, it is a very helpful tool even in English restaurants with a French menu, or when preparing a French dish. You may also take the culinary app with you when going food-shopping.
Never was it so easy to dine out in France!

Off line
You need to download the Culinary French Dictionary A-Z App just once.
It can also be used in the Flying Mode. No internet connection needed.
The CuliApp is (off line) always with you.

This Culinary French Dictionary App A-Z has been developed and elaborated by the French Language Institute Interculture, The Netherlands.
The Apps have all come to life digitally with the close collaboration of the professional team of native-speaking teachers, interpreters, translators, who can rely on years of experience with Interculture, the Language Institute.

Download the Culinary French Dictionary A-Z